Android 11 Public Beta 1 is now Available!

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Android, Google, OS, Technology | 0 comments

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Google has been releasing its major Android versions yearly basis. 10-June-2020, Google had released the first public Beta version for there latest mobile operating system called Android 11. That day it was only available for the Pixel devices but now we have more manufacturers who have started to release its public Beta build. Even if the Beta builds are buggy and not made for day to day usage, but they give us a gist of what is about to come in the stable release. These stable builds are still a few months away from its release. Now let’s go on what are the major changes in Android 11 and the list of features available.

New features of Android 11Android 11

You won’t see any major changes in the user interface but there are subtle changes that will make your day to day usage smoother. Below is the complete list of changes that will be useful for a normal user.

UX/UI Changes
  • Android 11 now adds the “Media Player” to the “Quick Setting” menu for easy access.
  • Multitasking menu application cards are now a bit larger.
  • Holding off the power button now gives you more options for making payment via Google pay and easy access to cards and boarding passes.
  • Android 11 now allows you to quickly select and copy the text inside an application from the multitasking overview menu.
  • Native screen recording which will allow you to record your screen without using any third-party application.
  • Updated Google launcher which allows you to use home screen in portrait mode. Also, add the option to display the suggested app on the home screen.
Notifications Alerts changes
  • Android 10 introduced the separation of notification in two categories, “Important Notification” and “Other Notification”. Android 11 now improves it further by making 3 categories:
    1. Messaging notifications: These are notification which is from the messaging application like Text Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, etc.
    2. Alerting Notifications: These are notification about some alerts which you get from applications. These may be regarding the dispatch of your Amazon parcel or your emails, etc.
    3. Silent Notifications: These are notifications that are persistent like some application is running in the background or Google News update or weather update, etc.
  • You can now mute the notifications while watching any video.
  • Enabled the conversation bubble for your applications. The conversation bubble is a feature similar to the Chat head option offered by Facebook Messenger.
  • Improved permission setting for using the location data, camera, etc. Now Google allows you to give One Time permission access. Once the application is closed the permission will get revoked automatically and when is reopen the app a request is made to allow to grant permission.

And there are many more changes under the hood which are for the application developer which we won’t go through. Now let’s go through the list of devices for which Android 11 beta is available:

List of devices supported by Android 11 Beta 1
  1. Google Pixel Series (Available):  Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3A, Pixel 3A XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  2. OnePlus 8 Pro (Available): How to : Install Android 11 Beta on OnePlus 8 Series
  3. OnePlus 8 (Available): How to: Install Android 11 Beta on OnePlus 8 Series
  4. Mi 10 Pro (Available)
  5. Mi 10 (Available)
  6. Oppo Find X series (Announced – Yet to be released)
  7. Poco F2 Pro (Announced – Yet to be released)

Don’t worry if your device is not listed above. The other manufactures are about to join the race soon. In case you have tried out the Android 11 public Beta release, then do let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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