Intraday Trading with Kite Zerodha

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Basics, Share Market | 1 comment

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Intraday or Day trading from the word itself you get to know the meaning of this segment. The trade or exchange of stocks or shares placed between market opening and closing hours is called intraday trading. Intraday trading is most common in the foreign exchange (forex) and stock markets. Intraday Trading can turn out to be a very attractive career option, as long as you do it in a proper or a disciplined way. Although, it can also be a little challenging for beginners especially those who aren’t fully prepared or not aware of how price action in the market works, and don’t have a planned strategy to invest money in this format. So, let’s find out how exactly does intraday trading work? add how it can generate value to your financial aspect of life by going through some detailed info.

What Market to chose for Intraday? –  Indian stock exchange consists of a total of 23 exchanges, among which two are national-level exchanges. The National stock exchange (NSE) and Bombay stock exchange (BSE). The remaining 21 are the regional Stock exchanges (RSE’s). The National Stock exchange is the most preferred exchange to do Intraday trading by market participants, as the trading volume of stocks in NSE is much higher than in comparison to any Stock exchange in India. Refer below mention image for the types of segments and their market timings for Intraday trading.

Intraday Market Timings

Why Zerodha?

Zerodha is one of the leading trading platforms in India, in comparison to any other online trading platforms or brokers. It charges you minimum brokerage on every trade that you execute in all segments of intraday trading and provides you with a user-friendly interface for its users of any age group. As mentioned under the introduction section, Zerodha allows you to invest your money in all intraday trading segments such as – Futures and Options, Commodity derivative, Currency derivatives, Stocks, and it also got additional investing options for people who are looking for long term investments like – IPOs, Direct mutual funds, Bonds, and Govt. Securities. Let’s find how to trade with Zerodha.

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How to Download

The mobile application is available for both Android Kite @ Zerodha Android and iPhone Kite @ Zerodha IOS  users. If you are more of a computer or laptop person you can also choose to trade with its online web portal Kite – Zerodha. Wherein you can trade from any part of the world and starting investing money in the stock market through Zerodha. In fact, Zerodha also provides you with additional features for beginners like- Online tutorials, technical analysis, strategies, videos, and many more, check the below image for reference.


Featured Apps

How to trade Intraday with Zerodha?

Firstly you need to create your Market watchlist of the stocks in which you want to invest your money and do Intraday trading. Follow below mention step to create your watch list.

  • Go to the Search tab
  • Select the stock you want to invest
  • Click on add Stock
  • Give a name to your watch list
  • Click on Save (Check below images for reference)

Mobile application view

Kite – Zerodha  web view

Kite Intraday Webview

How to Buy & Sell Stock in Intraday
You need to Choose MIS and RGLR tab for intraday trading with or without stop loss when buying or selling the stock. Buying and selling of stock is done in two formats as mentioned below in intraday trading

  • Market Option – Firstly, you can execute orders to buy or sell shares at its Live trading price (LTP) by selecting the market option. Ex – Tata motors LTP Rs.106.95 once you place your order it will get executed for the same price.
  • Limit  –  Similarly, with the limit option, in intraday trading, you can execute orders to buy or sell shares for the price of your choice. Ex – Tata motors LTP Rs.107.60, but you want to buy the same stock for Rs.105, so you can edit the amount section by choosing the Limit option. (To be noted – your order won’t get executed until and unless the LTP reaches the entered Limit amount while buying the shares or stocks)

Buy ( Long Position)

Mobile application view 

Webpage view 

Intraday web – Buy option

Sell ( Short Position)

Mobile application view 

Webpage view

Intraday web – Sell option

Portfolio & Order                                                                                                                                                                                                    Once you are done executing your order for Buy or Sell with MIS RGLR with the market option you will be able to see the details directly under the position tab in your portfolio, In case you have placed a limit order for buy or sell of the stock position you can track your order under the pending tab. Once the LTP – Live trading price reaches the limit order price, the purchase of a long or short position will be executed. The orders will reflect under the position tab and you can track your profit and loss under this tab. The below images will give you a better understanding of how it works.

Finally, now we are aware of how to do intraday trade with Zerodha kite with its mobile app and Online kite website. Read our blog on Intraday trading participants and Strategies for better understanding of how it works and what are the strategies used by successful traders.

To Summarise
Intraday trading is a Risky format of trading one should only trade with money which he/she is okay to lose. If you check the above images you will find out that I have made profits as well as losses at the same time. You will definitely face losses in the stock market, but if you are disciplined with your trades and trading strategy you will be able to control your losses and capitalize on bigger profit. Stay updated on day to day life with news, online videos, and blogs related to the stock market.

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