All about watching Eat Pray Love movie!

by | May 31, 2020 | Movies, Reviews | 5 comments

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Eat Pray Love is a 2010 romantic drama film starring Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert. The movie released on the 13th August 2010 movie was a success in terms of financial numbers. On IMDb, the movie was rated 5.8 out of 10.
Let’s have a quick review of this movie to understand what needs to be adopted in our day to day life.

Eat Pray Love (2010) | IMDb 5.8/10

Eat Pray Love

When I came across the name of the movie, I couldn’t help but ponder on what my life’s purpose is or more precisely analyzing at what stage of life I am at and wondering if I am doing the right thing. The mistakes, the heartbreaks, the pain that I have caused both intentionally and unintentionally, and where exactly is all of this leading me to.
I know we all start somewhere, doing something, and reach a phase where you are doing what you never have imagined you were capable of , both good and bad.

One thing in this movie that I really felt was on point is the balanced universe has always maintained. It talks about the balance between the positivity and the negativity, the good and the bad, the constructive and the destructive, the white and the black, the holy and the evil, etc.
Too much of either the attributes are not desirable. Likewise, you have to attain stability between the two opposite polarities within yourselves.
It is completely human nature to lose that stability once in a while. But if we keep losing it for every other change or inconvenience that occurs to us, then the whole purpose of this self-acquired stability is lost.

I have developed this weird anxiety about being unproductive. But all of that handwork you do is wasted if you don’t feel peaceful at the end of the day. On few days you completely deserve all the self-pampering, spending a day doing what you want, sleep, rest, pay attention to your body, cook for yourself, listen to some pleasant music, sing (which I love, by the way), enjoy your own company.
In Italian its called “dolce far niente“, which means “pleasant idleness“.


I have also learned forgiving myself for the mistakes that I committed. It’s not easy at all, but it is not impossible. I cannot wait for people to forgive me, that’s not how life works. Acknowledge the wrong that has been done and ask for forgiveness, but never wait and expect them to forgive. You have to do it for yourself. Your God resides within you as much as the evil in you, which provoked you to commit the mistakes. Seek forgiveness from God within yourself and forgive yourself.
You might still go on to love and miss the people you happened to hurt. So what’s stopping you? Love them, miss them and whenever you do, send them all the good wishes. Life is unpredictable, so be open to love.

Take Away

I am really thankful for the people I have in this time of peril. I am where I need to be and even if I am not I would rather focus on the journey and not the distance or the destination that I have to reach.
Trust people, allow yourself to be happy as you totally deserve to be! Because you can only identify a ray of light in the darkness which keeps everything alive and going which is HOPE!

Do give the movie a watch, we bet it’s worth your time during this lockdown across the globe. If you have Amazon prime you can go and watch it right away. (Available only in selected regions)

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  1. Sakshi

    Wow….! So many time we make simple things complex…. N complex thing simple . only difference that lies in all this is awearness which is so well mentioned in the above blog ….awearness of ourselves, surrounding, the very moment ,situation… N most importantly life will definitely Watch this move Soon….!!! ?

  2. Manjot singh

    Thisss article is the best article I have ever read…. And also thank you for explaining things such Precisely ?

  3. Sagar Agarwal

    I’m not so fond of Hollywood movies, but this intrigues me to watch it. And it’s so beautifully expressed that it felt as if a story is Live and we are a part of it.
    It’s honestly the first review that I’ve loved reading and would love to read more and more.
    Keep it going.

  4. Nishtha

    Thank youu very much for such a sweet and enjoyable review! It felt like you’re speaking for a large number of people even though you were expressing your own emotions.
    Hope to read more of your articles

  5. Melbin Alexander

    Splendidly written. Piqued my interest in the movie. I haven’t heard much about this movie but there some really nice movies hidden out there and this looks one of them.
    Life is indeed unpredictable so everyday is a new journey to be explored. The writer just highlights this simple fact that life is all about finding that ray of light to get past the darkness which surrounds us.


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