Chemical Hearts – Movie Review

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Movies, Reviews, Romance, Drama | 0 comments

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Movie Trailer

Chemical Hearts by Richard Tanne

You are never more alive than when you’re a teenager

Henry Page ( Austin Abrams )


Chemical Hearts

Movie Review

Chemical hearts is a 2020 American Romantic Drama, inspired by the Novel Our chemical hearts by Krystal Sutherland. Is based on the life of two high school students who are opposite in personality and yet end up with a complex bonding and chemistry.


Henry & Grace

“you are never more alive than when you’re a teenager”‘, ( Henry Page ), although the quote sounds exciting and motivational, but on the other hand he also considers himself a hopeless romantic person who has never fallen in love. However, he is an aspiring writer who is looking forward to being chosen as editor of his high school newspaper.

whereas on the other hand, our second character ( Grace town ) is the opposite version.

”Teenage Limbo”, a term used in this movie by Grace Town (Lili Reinhart, a new transfer to the school with a physical disability). Is a strong and emotional girl who hides her feelings and is reluctant to get around with people. However, it has never been the same story with her. Grace in her past was totally different person. After the tragic accident, which took away her soul, love of her life, her everything – Dom ( Dominic Sawyer ). Grace’s life turned upside down.

Movie Plot

Henry Page an aspiring writer who is eager to be an editor of his high school newspaper meets with a newbie in the Highschool. A new transfer, Grace Town, who is more of a reserved person always attached to her headphones and Cellphone in her hand.

Both Henry and Grace end up working together for the high school newsletter. And Henry developed an interest in this new girl. He tries to understand her reluctance and he is eager to know her feelings. Why she is so different and cold in spite of the same age group. Eventually, they both end up bonding really great and develop feelings for each other.

They both get intimate and henry wants this teenage love story to be more promising. His feelings are caught between commitments at an early age. Whereas grace has not overcome from the loss of her love – ‘” Dom’

And one fine day Henry finds out about the reason behind her pain, and he cannot accept the feeling of grace towards Dominic, even though he is no more. But grace is still attached to him and she is still living in his house with Dom’s parents.

After all, the emotional drama both Grace and Henry end up breaking up, and they stopped seeing each other. Grace leaves school and moves to a different place. At the end of the high school year, Henry writes a heartfelt essay about the biochemistry of teenagers, who fall in love, but after endless emotional encounters they part ways

Negative Elements

The movie consists of suicidal content, which does show weakness or is portrayed in a better way it shows depressing scenes. The use of drugs and alcohol is been highlighted which is a burning issue in high school teenagers.


As per my opinion, a child’s well-being is at his/her good mental health. Which we tend to ignore in this busy life being a parent. Grace had Dom’s parents to support so does Henry has his own parents. But the most challenging part is that as a parent we don’t try to get into our child’s shoes. We need to understand their way of thinking. A particular event or incident might be common for us, but at the same time it could be a completely different one for that teenager for the kind of experience he/she has with life



Every individual has a different opinion about teenage life, after reading the review what do you think, would there have been the possibility of a better ending. Do you think Henry could have done something more promising to keep the relationship alive? Share your views in the comment section and do let us know if you want any specific movie to be reviewed.

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