The Tomorrow War- Review

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Movies, Reviews, Science Fiction | 0 comments

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Movie Trailer

Chemical Hearts by Richard Tanne

“I am not a hero, I was just trying to save my daughter. If I gotta save the world to save her, then I am damnsure gonna do it”

Dan Forester ( Chris Patt)


The Tomorrow war Rating : 2.5/5

The Tomorrow War

Movie Review

The Tomorrow War is a 2021 American military science fiction action film, directed by Chris Mckay Starring Chris Pratt. Is a Sci-Fi action-based drama movie on time traveling, Alien attacks. The world is controlled by Alien invaders in the year 2048 and war is still going on to defeat the so-called alien – “Whitespikes.”


Dan Forester & Muri Forester

Dan Forester (Chris Patt) is a biology teacher and former Green Beret. He is trying hard to get a job at a prestigious research center to get a better life. Dan has a distant relationship with his father James Forester (J. k. Simmons). Dan blames him for abandoning him and his mother for years.

Muri Forester (also, Colonel Muri Forester from 2051), daughter of Dan who is the legendary Commanding officer from the future who fightbacks alien – Whitespikes to save the earth.

Movie Plot : The Tomorrow War

During the broadcast of the World Cup, soldiers troops from the year 2051 arrive to warn the people from 2022. About the alien invaders, who have destroyed more than half of humanity and all the living species are endangered. It is estimated that entire humanity will be wiped out of existence within 3 years from November 2048. The future soldier builts a Wormhole device called Jump-link to send the best world’s militaries to defeat the white-spikes.

Act 1

Every individual whose death is been predicted between 0-27 years is been Drafted as a soldier to go through wormholes. An individual survives a maximum of 7 days from the date of Drafting. As the enemy they are going to face is completely new and more dangerous than any living being on earth.

Dan is been drafted as his expected death period in the future is of 7 years via car accident. Dan’s wife is reluctant about him traveling to the future. As she has seen the result of people who survived the battle. They are either disable or they don’t survive long. She asks him to get help from his father James forester who is a mechanical engineer. Dan approaches his father to get the Draft removed from his hand. Dan refuses his father’s help and joins the other draftees at the training center. After the basic training session, everyone is sent in a slot through a jump link to the incident of alien invasion at Miami beach.

Act 2

After his first Combat, Dan is been given a rescue operation to save a group of the research team. Who is developing a weapon to destroy the aliens? Dan is been invited by Colonel Muri Forester to the base camp to work on the further operation. Dan is overwhelmed by seeing his daughter who has turned out to be so strong, brave, and independent woman. However, Muri is filled with hatred for his father. As he left her and her mother on their own in the time dimension of the future. Dan Confronts her about it and says he would never leave his family abandoned. Dan Work with Colonel Muri Forester to complete the final test of the weapon by capturing the Giant Mother “Whitespikes.”

As the test goes successful dan lost his daughter on the battlefield. After returning back in time 2023 and the jump link is been destroyed and the future battle is lost. Dan somehow finds out about the link between place and alien invasion year. He forms a team with his father to destroy the first alien ship.

Final Act 3

Dan with his team and father finds a crashed alien ship at the Academy of Sciences Glacier on Komsomolets Island. The team injects a Fluid weapon (toxin) into the alien shell. Dan and James hunt and kill the one female that had escaped. Leaving them and Charlie as the team’s only survivors.

Negative Elements

Lots of violence and Abusive content. Brutal killings have been shown in the movie


A father’s love is more powerful and irreplaceable. Dan went to all the extent beyond his limit to save his only girl child. Hoping for her better future and safety. So does the father of dan willing to sacrifice his life to an alien to save his son. It’s better concluded with a decent ending of the movie sending message.

That there is nothing more great and powerful than the feeling of Love


Every individual has a different opinion about this movie, after reading the review what do you think about this movie. Share your views and ratings in the comment section. For us it’s an overall decent movie, the plot was a bit predictive. Although great screenplay and Action are showcased in the movie.

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